A good piece by Lorraine Stitch



I was nobody’s. .
And if I was, it was only for a little while.
I was somebody’s till her mistakes took her from me.
I was free, free to roam.
No hand to cuff me,
No tongue to lash me,
No rod to strike me.
It was what I thought wanted..finally.
Daughter you are loose.

But I was no daughter,
I was no little girl..
I went about and left foot prints everywhere
Nasty ones..
They tried to clean after me.
Tried to warn me but
How dare you?
Who told you I could be tamed?
Can’t you see how well I am doing?
They left me..
I thanked them.

She twitched at the thought of a little girl
All alone, afraid with no one to run too
She hurt just thinking of it.
How come?
Whose baby girl?
Let her come  to me..
No I…

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